Your biometrics

Biometrics are the things we can physically measure, including blood pressure, girth measures, weight, and height. These are some of the numbers we recommend including in your L&G Survey so that your health and wellness consultation is comprehensive.

Remember, anytime you have a question or concern about taking a measurement yourself, seeking professional assistance, or how your personal information is used, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As always, use your personal and secure L&G Platform.

And, oh yeah. Check out these new BP guidelines.

We’ll talk more about how they may apply to you soon.

your bloodwork

Standard blood screening each year is likely included as part of your health insurance coverage. Not sure? Contact your health coach and we’ll double check your policy, then advise on avoiding extra charges. 

For all recommended numbers, just use the L&G “Personal Numbers Form.” For your blood screen, we recommend a Complete Blood Count, Lipid Panel, and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (which includes fasting glucose).

Please take the form to your appointment to be sure everything is included in the “charge order” to the lab before your blood is drawn. Afterwards, keep it with you  so that medical staff can help you record it for your own records. You’re in charge of your own records, so don’t be shy. When did you get so knowledgable about your health care, anyway? 

You got this. We got you.

Coach Wendy

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