Dear L&G Client:

We have a simple system to optimize your progress in health-related goals. It’s based on current guidelines for

  • physical activity,
  • nutrient intake, 
  • habits of using tobacco, soda, sugar, & salt,
  • mental health awareness,
  • sleep, social, & emotional needs, and
  • stress reduction.

Yes, most of us already know what is recommended for our health (the information is kind of everywhere, isn’t it?).

So why do so many otherwise-successful people struggle to regain or maintain their health? Even if you’re among those generally considered healthy, slim, and not bad-looking, we all tend to second guess whether we’re doing enough.

And we hear this one alot: “Why am I so tired?”

Well, this world seems to set us up with too much to do, too little time, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed (even frozen-paralyzed) when it comes to making the important changes that could actually make us feel better. Frustrating, isn’t it?

A good number of us wind up depressed or anxious or maybe a tad rebellious because (my personal theory) we’re keeping our act so tightly held together in every other area of life.

Sometimes, we’re just too “over it” to care much. And the more someone tries to tell you what to do, the more you’re over it.

So, I think I get it. If you still think I do, too, please consider this:

Meaningful and significant changes in your ways won’t happen overnight unless you’re so ready that doing nothing is just not possible anymore. Otherwise, we take it step by step, based on our method for determining your readiness to try improvements in any given area. Your success will always depend on you, but we can help you see the path ahead.

Support & excitement to meet you,
(Your L&G) Coach Wendy

Your health is your own business.

Even if you're motivated and interested, there's so much distracting talk about health.

Let's shut out all that noise so you can take back ownership of your well-being.

Your past and present successes are a key starting point.

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Like an annual medical exam, the Lean and Green survey provides a chance to check in on your health status. Unlike an annual medical exam, the content is about all improvable aspects of your lifestyle and health/well-being to continually get healthier and more fit.

(1) Create a client profile in our online Appointment Scheduler (using the Appointments tab provided on this site) so we can start to get to know you! ($0)

(2) The Lean and Green Survey + 30-minute Telephone Consultation ($50)

(3) The 30-minute Telephone Consultation without survey ($50)

(4) Weekday healthy dinner recipes ($5.99/month). Dietician-created meals (30-minute prep) assure your balanced nutrient intake over the course of a week. Recommended basic kitchen prep list provided. Make an appointment with us to order your subscription. Download L&G Recipes in the App Store (available for iPhones and iPads only at this time).

(5) Weekday high intensity interval workouts via text message ($9.99/month). These 30 minute workouts fit your busy lifestyle, no matter your location. Recommended home equipment list provided. Schedule appointment with us to order your subscription.

(6) Tobacco Cessation: Evaluate your readiness to quit first. Format is the American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking method over an 8-week period. Dovetails beautifully with other online Quit programs ($200).