Old & New Schools, Together at Last?!

Do you feel an information war going on? We do! We hear conflicting messages about the obesity epidemic and the need to lose the extra weight vs. an interdisciplinary movement for Health At Every Size (HAES) to “manage your food and exercise for long-term health.” This apparent difference of opinion  is one reason our health coaching is so valuable to you and your participants: we help interpret conflicting information so that it makes sense in your life and you can get some clear direction on how to proceed. Guess what? We think there’s room for both initiatives. And here we post these “old school” charts for a certain leader at one of our corporate sites, who asked to see them again. Thank you, C!

David Carson

Weight Chart

Body Composition

So, what should I do about my weight, if anything?

It is an ongoing process, but here are some general steps:

  1. Take advantage of preventive medicine to make sure you are healthy.
  2. Choose a nutrition plan at ChooseMy Plate.gov.
  3. Think through your readiness to exercise & adapt to healthier eating habits. 
  4. Build self-efficacy & increase support for your efforts.
Your Lean and Green health coach is trained to guide you through all this.
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