How do you feel about being different, weird, not one of the crowd? Well, for those of you who just want to blend in, here’s bad news: doing the things few others do is what it takes to stay healthy today! Here are some examples of what Lean and Green principles and lessons help you skate through smoothly and with confidence:

-passing on that birthday cake at the office gathering but still celebrating the birthday king or queen
-figuring out where and when to find 10 minutes twice a day to stretch at that 5-day conference (aka, Stealth Yoga)
-packing your own snacks (fanny pack cooler not required!)
-getting enough, but not too many, calories by staying mindful during that vacation, work trip, or family gathering
-fitting exercise in on a regular basis to fit your body, your needs, your schedule
-squashing any “all or nothing” mentality so you become an amazing star at consistent progress
-accepting your past and current circumstances and absolutely optimizing ‘what you got.’

We have a very human-centered program that helps you put the pieces of a Lean and Green lifestyle in place one at a time. This avoids that feeling of being either overwhelmed or as if you’ve been handed someone else’s idea of how YOU should be healthy (yuck).

We’ve been at this for almost two decades. Our staff have followed the wellness field for longer. We know it can seem hard, so we’ve made some programming and tools to help you step over those rocky, tough spots.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us! Please leave a note with your questions or ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

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