So, why are we doing this wellness program?
And what do I have to do??!!

Dear New Participant,

First, this is a voluntary program. So there is no requirement to participate or share information that you feel is your personal domain. Reasons your employer or broker has sponsored this new wellness program are centered around supporting you to: 

  1. make the most of your health insurance plan by taking reasonable preventive steps,
  2. understand your health status through self assessment and educational materials,
  3. get to know a “third party health coach,” who is available a to assist with information and support along your health and wellness journey, and 
  4. add an element of support and, where available, a financial incentive as a discount to your group health premium.
We know you have a unique health history, experience with medical tests and hospitals, prescriptions, and immunizations. You’ve also explored what works for you in life. We’d like to learn from you and share what we have that could be helpful to you at a given time. There is never pressure or guilting you into participating. But, we will encourage you to get to know us and learn from one another.  

I’d like to dispel some common concerns from thoughtful people. What does it mean that you are a “third party?” It means that the program is administered by an outside group (that’s us). We are legally bound to hold your personal information to the highest standards of privacy and security. 

We do not:

1. tie your participation or health status to your eligibility or rates for health insurance, 

2. connect your participation or health status in any way to your performance review at work (we don’t work under HR), and

3. run this as a mandatory program–in fact, your self report on each question is optional (We get it: maybe it’s best if we get to know each other first!).

I look forward to meeting you by phone or in person.


Coach Wendy

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