The result produced by instruction, training, or study; the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills. Continue learning with us! Time spent gaining understanding is worth 10X what you spend trying with the same old skill and knowledge set. Come on, then. Dig in!


Are you a Biofeedback Machine?

One important idea we need to master in order to become healthier for ourselves and the environment is to be more mindful of our actions. No one really wants to do that. Takes time. Takes energy. Kinda boring. For sure, knowing how to weigh one choice against another...

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Healthy Chicken Recipe

This is a lovely lentil linguini bolognese with rosemary. These spices work really well, giving a warm, savory taste. Even eaters who aren't big fans of lentils will find this dish moist and delicious. The dish has the unique quality of being light, yet filling. We at...

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The Lean and Green Lifestyle

How do you feel about being different, weird, not one of the crowd? Well, for those of you who just want to blend in, here's bad news: doing the things few others do is what it takes to stay healthy today! Here are some examples of what Lean and Green principles and...

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Health Insurance & Covered Preventive Services

How do I get covered? What preventive screenings are covered?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Affordable Care Act

MyWellmark Access Information on Your Group Health Insurance (How to Use it, Where to Log in, etc.) (For corporate participants in WFW, Insure Your Health, and Outstanding Balance)

Regardless of changes in the health insurance landscape (or maybe because of!), we all benefit from keeping our own medical records! Lean and Green coaches can provide assistance for the chore of starting or upgrading your personal record-keeping. It is so important to have knowledge of your numbers, due dates, lifestyle risk areas, and preventive medical needs going forward. We are currently practicing this special Health Records coaching module. Jump in anytime and contribute to the development of personal solutions. Come on, we got this, everyone!

Stress Management

Community Resources