The Wellness Champion award is granted to an individual or, in this case, a couple that fits the following definition:

“A champion, one who fights or defends any person or cause.”

A champion sometimes arises because she or he has had to fight for themselves and later uses this knowledge to fight for or defend others. More selflessly and much more rarely, a champion is in the midst of fighting for others only to learn that those very skills become vital in helping themselves personally. Our 2016 Champions are very rare in that they fit this latter category.

In the past two years, they have demonstrated excellent, thoughtful, and caring leadership of others, helping their staff become healthy and well through the $2K Program. When personal circumstances demanded, they engaged in a decisive pattern of learning which health behaviors help to prevent disease and promote health. The application of these lessons in their lives has given all of us a model of courage and smarts.

The biggest challenges of wellness are not faced in the public sphere of a worksite program. They are met at home, with our food choices, in taking time out for self care, and sometimes in the patient generosity of amazing people who take on support and service roles.

Enhancing their championship qualities, this couple exemplifies the characteristics of being continuous learners in health and well-being despite full and busy lives. This learning has had to occur in the course of hectic, busy days that are peppered with many other kinds of stresses and demands. This is the very reason why their example is so important to those around them and all who know their story.

Members of the Finch Family, plus Lee McFee, pose with the award.

Members of the Finch Family, plus Comptroller & CFO Lee McFee and the 2017 Chevy Volt, pose with the award. Looks like they’re teeing up for the Green Award next time!

People are unpredictable. Normally that’s a bad thing, right? Well, the folks at Wes Finch Auto Dealership of Grinnell surprised us in a good way. If you’ve worked with Lean and Green before, you know that there are a handful of healthy lifestyle areas in which our participants strive for progress. One of these is nutrition. During their health consultations of 2014, Wes Finch Wellness participants articulated a need so clearly, that we were compelled to respond with a tool that fit.

The collective inspiration went something like this:

“We definitely know what we should be eating, even how we should be preparing it. But we don’t have the time each day/week to search for healthy recipes, create the grocery shopping list, and then cook, hoping the recipe we chose doesn’t take FOREVER to make and clean up. If all that was done for us, we would definitely be eating better.” (Trust me, if you’ve seen this workplace in action, you can imagine how true this statement is because the staff take servicing their clients at all strange hours of the day so seriously!)

And so the L&G Recipes app for iPhone was envisioned, designed, coded, and rolled out in a warm launch to all our corporate participants and QuickFit! members in July 2016.

Thank you, Wes Finch Wellness, for your inspiration, your steadfast work ethic, and the way you team up for your customers. We at Lean and Green, Inc. feel fortunate to have connected with you in such a significant way over the past 7 years. You have inspired us in our own work because you are complete ROCK STARS when it comes to servicing your customers and meeting their needs in a timely manner.

Ramsey Weeks Partner Award

Staff of Ramsey-Weeks, Inc. and Coach Wendy pose with the Wellness Partner Award.

“Insure Your Health,” the wellness program at Ramsey-Weeks, Inc. real estate and insurance agency has taken things a step further! Maybe it’s their eye for detail appraising risks. Maybe it’s the way they plan and think ahead. Or maybe it’s just an instinctive streak of interest in valuation.

In this case, the employees at Ramsey-Weeks demonstrated a high level of interest in a health standards research and development effort already underway at Lean and Green at the time of their annual program. Spurred in our efforts by their questions such as “Why is this health variable weighted more heavily than THAT one?” the participants of Insure Your Health have demonstrated an interest and desire to become more involved in their wellness program.

Their fingerprints have influenced the presentation of results and values that come out of the L&G Survey, the Lean and Green self appraisal tool used in consultations on each participant’s health and wellness status.

Thank you, Ramsey-Weeks! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and how you go above and beyond for your clients, customers, and even for your wellness provider!