Our signature program has been developed over the past 10 years working with small employers. We have subtracted components of “big box wellness” that just don’t fit organizations of 100 people or less.

With a strong emphasis on health promotion, the $2K program includes self-assessment, group and private opportunities to ask questions, and coaching for those who are ready to make small or large lifestyle changes.

This is one aspect of your business strategy that is personal! The business of health improvement happens, not in a clinical setting centered around diseases, injuries, and prescriptions, but in our homes, restaurants, parks, and shops. Coached health and behavior change can occur only through a patient, guided process of care and personal attention to your people.

The $2K program is voluntary. With your relatively small group to assist during the assessment and consultation phases of your annual wellness program, we are able to meet our participant-client service goal:
Employee-participants never feel forced into participating or disclosing more than they want, but have the attention and care when they are ready–any time of the year!