Wellness That Fits

We know about your hectic schedule, long list of things to do, & interruptions that can’t wait. We also know the only way you can truly understand any subject is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why we piloted our program in several small business settings to learn how to best deliver wellness services to  small groups, where and how to answer employee questions, and understand the challenges unique to small offices with perhaps a shop/production/studio area on the side.

Ongoing, Real-Time Education

A cornerstone of good health is accurate, updated, and reliable information. Our online health library provides updated content and modules that give your employees several ways to discover how to improve their personal health status based on their assessment results. They can do this from their smart phones and we provide technical support and the coaching touch points.

Affordable & Reasonable Fees

We charge one-time, flat fees for our services, based on our estimate up front. This fee is all-inclusive and allows us to focus on program operations for the annual program, standing by to provide coaching and educational support for your staff throughout the year.

Geared for Remote or
On the Go Staff

 Most of our small business clients have multiple work settings and/or differently-situated employees. We work with your group to make the wellness connection a strong one so they feel even more a part of things. Our program often helps improve the delivery of other HR and benefits communications. 

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