corporate wellness competence

The participant is our focus.

When providers truly focus on what is good for the individual participant (in terms of risk reduction, preservation of confidentiality, dignity, effective communications, and personal rights), we do well by the employer. There are so many variables affecting health outcomes, including quality of medical care, health insurance, pharmaceutical developments and pricing, alternative therapies, geographic differences in availability of healthy choices, and participant education levels. Each wellness participant therefore faces a unique and complex, yet dynamic, scenario for personal change. We characterize this participant complexity as “what is needed in this moment.”  

This focus requires expert coaches and counselors. It is one reason the “Lean and Green $2K program” has chosen to maintain a human-centered approach, rather than an analytical one. Yes, analyses of population health risk, claims experience, occupational health statistics are part of what we do, but they are a sidebar rather than a central measure of success for the $2K wellness program. 

What is the $2K program? The $2K program was originally developed in 2008 and much more recently applied to bigger groups. It has been something of an experiment to see if we could replicate the most effective corporate wellness program elements for small businesses (up to 100 employees). Here’s what we did: we packaged a simple four-step annual process for a handful of employers with 5 to 100 employees each. We set a due date for each group, then guided and communicated with each participant. The outcome is a successful filling of the small business niche, largely underserved by more traditional wellness opportunities. 

We have a fresh pricing structure (we think you’ll still like it), now that the experiment is over. With ten years of proven success, 15 years in individual health coaching, and 40 years in fitness training, plus a background in science and institutional policy, Lean and Green is poised to catalyze this important step for you and your organization.








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